What is the greatest work of philosophy?


Our East Midlands Salon at 7 PM on Wednesday 6 December in the Brunswick Inn, Derby, will be a festive BALLOON DEBATE at which eight Salon members will defend what they each think is the greatest work of philosophy. They will have just an initial three minutes to make their case before answering questions from the audience in defence of their choice. There will then be a vote and four of the balloonists will be thrown off the metaphorical balloon. The remaining balloonists will then have just one minute to argue for their chosen work. There will then be a vote and three of the balloonists will be thrown overboard. The victor will then be allowed to sail away into the metaphorical sky with a suitable prize! Continue reading

Balloon Debate 2013

At the December Salon the East Midlands Salon is hosting its second ‘Balloon Debate‘.

At this festive event Salon regulars and others will defend their favourite books as they metaphorically float heavenwards in a balloon. The Salon will vote on their attempts and, one by one, they will be thrown out of the balloon until we have a winner….come along and join in the fun!

Balloonists include:

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