Balloon Debate 2013

At the December Salon the East Midlands Salon is hosting its second ‘Balloon Debate‘.

At this festive event Salon regulars and others will defend their favourite books as they metaphorically float heavenwards in a balloon. The Salon will vote on their attempts and, one by one, they will be thrown out of the balloon until we have a winner….come along and join in the fun!

Balloonists include:

  • Vanessa Pupavac defending Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita
  • Rob Hodkinson defending M.R. James’ Collected Ghost Stories
  • Dennis Hayes defending Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass
  • Neetish Madan defending Mick Hume’s There’s no Such Thing As A Free Press and We Need One More than Ever

(if you would like to risk the flight and defend a book, get in touch)

Host: Dennis Hayes

If you haven’t been there the Brunswick is a real ale gem: