The Equal Opportunities Revolution

James Heartfield is a public intellectual. He is the author of many important books including The ‘Death of the Subject’ ExplainedThe British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society: A History and Who’s Afraid of the Easter Rising? At the next East Midlands Salon he will introduce his latest book, The Equal Opportunities Revolution, which explains why bosses took equal opportunities on board just as they were tearing up union rights at work. In the book he asks why greater rights led to greater inequality, and why advances in race and sex equality ran alongside social inequality. He then shows how the equal opportunities revolution became the general model for workplace relations in the decades that followed, and how it did not challenge, but rather perfected the liberalisation of labour law. The right won the economic war, the left won the culture war – and his book explains how.

Date, Time and Venue: Thursday 22 March 2018 at 7 PM in The Brunswick Inn, Derby. Tickets (£3.50) Available on Eventbrite. Continue reading