The New Meaning and Function of Racism

Our next event is a discussion on racism and the dangers of the new anti-racism

Dr Alka Sehgal-Cuthbert returns to the East Midlands Salon in her new role as co-ordinator of the campaign group Don’t Divide Us who are our partners for this event. Alka will lead our discussion of the changed meaning of racism and what anti-racism means today. She has written and spoken many times on issues such as ‘decolonising the curriculum’ ‘white privilege’ and ‘unconscious bias training’. As a taster of her writing, here is a link to a recent article headed: ‘Brilliant exposé of the moral wasteland of Britain’s culture wars is a must read’ and a link to the bookMoral and Political Discourses in Philosophy of Education to which she contributed a chapter on ‘Education, Social Realism and Liberal Cultural Values’.

In 2021 she wrote one of the first of the Academy of Ideas’ Letters on Liberty on The Dangers of the New Anti-Racism

Date, Time and Venue: Thursday 10 February at 18.30 (for 19.00) in the parlour of the Brunswick Inn, Derby. Tickets on Eventbrite.

About Alka:

Alka presented an argument for a progressive case for a liberal subject-based education for her PhD in sociology at Cambridge University. She has been a teacher for many years and is currently head of education at Don’t Divide Us. She writes on education and cultural politics for academic and professional publications and is co-editor of the second edition of the recently published What Should Schools Teach? Disciplines, subjects and the pursuit of truth.

Should we study dead white philosophers?

Students at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) are campaigning to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ by including more thinkers of Asian and African origin in place of the current dominance of the ‘dead white males’ of Western philosophy. They complain that the university is a ‘white’ institution promoting the mythical universalism of the European Enlightenment to legitimise continuing racial domination and colonial oppression. Continue reading

What’s Racist?

That's Racist!

That’s Racist!

On Thursday 2o November at 7:00PM in Hallmark Hotel Derby, Midland Road, DE1 2SQ Derby, the East Midlands Salon hosted a discussion entitled ‘What’s Racist?’

Our speaker will be Adrian Hart, film maker and author of The Myth of Racist Kids, who will introduce the themes of his controversial new book That’s Racist! Responding to his introduction will be Ruth Mieschbuehler (University of Derby) and Vanessa Pupavac (University of Nottingham).

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