Can a boy grow up to be a woman?

hermaphroditus4219‘Bruce Jenner, Lana Wachowski and Chelsea Manning all made the news recently by coming out as trans. This wave of high-profile cases prompted feminist campaigner Julie Bindel to condemn the prescription of hormone blockers to prospective trans kids as ‘child abuse’. She was widely censured as a result.

But is Bindel right? Is indulging a child’s gender confusion in any way problematic?

Some would argue that individuals who are born and socialised as males can only ever become men.  However hard they try to alter this fundamental reality – with surgery, hormones, and even by looking like a woman – the change will only be illusory. They are still men in essence.  

Does gender have an essence?’

DazOur discussion will be introduced by Chrissie Daz, cabaret performer, teacher and, author who is currently completing a book on transgender and gender variant identity.

Date and time: 7 PM 26 January 2016

Venue: The Hallmark Midland Hotel, Derby

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(Photo credit: Dennis Hayes)