Britain’s Empires

‘For more than four centuries, Britons have been dominating and colonising other peoples and territories. Britain’s Empires tells that story without flinching from the oppressive and exploitative side of the imperial mission that shaped world history. It also aims to tell the story of the colonial past as one marked by change and reinvention, where each new era was embarked upon as a break with the past’.

At our first Salon of 2023, James Heartfield will introduce his latest book which is a history of the many different British Empires – the Old Colonial System (1600-1776), the Empire of Free Trade (1776-1870), the New Imperialism (1870-1945), Decolonisation (1945-1990) and the era of humanitarian intervention (1990-2020).

Buy Britain’s Empires on Amazon (ebook £24.99)

Date, Time and Venue: Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 7 PM in the Parlour of the Brunswick Inn, Derby.

Tickets £3 (plus fee) from Eventbrite.

About James Heartfield

James is a writer and lecturer. He was born in Leeds in 1961, but has lived in London since 1980. James lives in Archway, with his partner and two daughters. James has been teaching and lecturing in London for the last twenty years, at a number of universities, colleges and professional associations.

He has written many books on the history of the British Empire, and some others on social policy and urban regeneration. Visit his personal website: for more information.