A Modern Guide to Witch Hunting

witch-huntOn Wednesday 19 June at 7 PM in the The Parlour, The Brunswick Inn, 1 Railway Terrace, Derby, DE1 2RU: http://www.everards.co.uk/our-pubs/the-brunswick-inn-derby, lawyer and educationalist Richard Harris will introduce our next Salon topic and give us his ‘modern guide to witch hunting’

Witches and wiccans are now accepted as normal religious figures. The classic text Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of the Witches) could be dispatched to the dustbin of history. But today there is a moral crusade against led not by priests but by the press and all ”right thinking people against new demons. Who are they and what can we learn from Malleus MaleficarumĀ  about the new witches and the witch hunters?