Speaker Dennis Hayes,
East Midlands Salon, Battle of Ideas Satellite ÔA new era of liberty?Õ
The UKÕs leading campaigners for liberty gathered in Derby on Tuesday the 12 October at 6.30 in the Hallmark Hotel to ask whether the CoalitionÕs rejection of ID cards, its suggested removal of 28 day detention without trial for terrorist suspects and the call for people to name illiberal laws that should be removed, mean that we are on the edge of a new age of liberty?

Speakers included
Guy Aitchison
contributing editor, openDemocracy; co-editor, OurKingdom blog; campaigner, Take Back Parliament

Dennis Hayes
professor of education, University of Derby; director, Academics for Academic Freedom; co-founder, East Midlands Salon

Guy Herbert
general secretary, NO2ID

James Panton
politics tutor, St JohnÕs College, University of Oxford; co-founder, Manifesto Club

Brian Winston
Lincoln Professor, University of Lincoln; author, A Right to Offend: free expression in the twenty-first century

The debate was chaired by Rania Hafez , founder and director, Muslim Women in Education, who provided this summary of the speakersÕ main points